size: 16'x20" (20"x25" with frame)

THE HEKATONKHEIRES (or Hecatoncheires) were three giant gods of violent storms and hurricanes (theullai) summoned forth from the stormy pit of Tartaros. Each had a hundred hands and fifty heads, for the weilding of the destructive power of storm. Their brothers were the Kyklopes, crafters of the thunder and lightning of Zeus. The six were connected with the stormy season in Greece which followed the rise of the Constellation Altar in November.

As soon as these six gigantic storm-brothers were born, their father, Ouranos (Sky), bound them in the pit of Tartaros, in fear of their power. Zeus later released them from this prison in his war against the Titanes, utilizing their power to achieve victory and become master of the skies. After the war, Kottos and Gyes were given palaces in the River Okeanos and, Briareos, a home in the depths of the Aegean Sea. Together they appear to have functioned as doorkeepers for the storms of Tartaros, releasing them at the command of the gods.

FIRE Transformation, purification, renewal of life, the unseen energy in existence. The central element as unifier and stabilizer.


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